Welcome to RVing Off The Grid, source for optimizing rv electrical systems.

Welcome to RVing Off The Grid, source for optimizing rv electrical systems.

Welcome to RVing Off The Grid, source for optimizing rv electrical systems.Welcome to RVing Off The Grid, source for optimizing rv electrical systems.Welcome to RVing Off The Grid, source for optimizing rv electrical systems.


“RV Electrical & Appliance Systems—Why They Don’t Work and How They Could Be Fixed,” is a book written by a can tinkering problem solving actual RV user not connected to RV manufacturing.  Besides being great fun, RVing off grid saves lots of money.


412 pages, 

8.5 x 11 inches, 

2.5 pounds,

DIY tips, 

partially illustrated, 62 color pages. 

ISBN:   978-0-692-12657-8


RV electrical systems need serious improvement!  RVs tend to be dysfunctional when taken off the grid, as they are loaded with rv design defects.  These flaws include mismatched electrical components and poor choices of rv appliances.  Also, since people are accustomed to living in regular houses, they need to familiarize themselves with new equipment and learn new habits when occupying RVs.  


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Some Topics Covered in Book...

-- Reasons for camping off grid

-- Basic electricity (terms & formulas)

-- RV electrical system components

-- RV design defects (problems & solutions)

-- Making electricity and charging batteries in the wilderness

-- Propane (appliances and properties of)

-- RV appliances (types and choices)

-- Electricity conservation

-- Proposed new standards for building and testing RVs

About Me

Hello and thank you for coming to my site.  My name is Thomas Childs.  I have been an RV user, can tinkerer and enthusiast for over 1/3 of a century.  Now I am also an author.


In 1985, I bought an old dilapidated camping trailer and rebuilt it.  I use it as my "home" when traveling to National Parks with it.  I still have and use that refurbished trailer in 2019.

Why Buy this Book?

 Many people write books hoping to become rich or famous or to boost their self esteems.  I’m not asking you to buy this book for any of those reasons.  To hell with me.  If you are into RVs and RVing, you want to buy this book because you’ll get to learn lessons quickly and easily that I learned slowly and the hard way.  Give yourself a quiet afternoon alone with this book (turn your phone off), use the index and table of contents to hone in on those few pages of a specific topic, and you might get the answer to some question that took me a decade or more to figure out for myself or to have some person point out to me. 


Try this FREE Sample before you buy…

Nobody likes to spend money on things they don’t need and can’t use, even if it’s just a book.  To get a better idea as to whether or not his book is right for you, download and read the free PDF sample, risk free.  It contains the first 29 pages of the book, both covers, and a detailed Table of Contents.  The Table of Contents tells you exactly what topics are covered and how the subjects flow.

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Comment on the book's price

Do not be put off by my book’s price; it is not overpriced, though it may seem so at first glance.  It costs more than many others because it is a BIG book.  (It is so big, if you grabbed it blindfolded, you might even mistake it for a telephone book.)  Compare my book to another well known similar topic book, considered standard: “RV Electrical Systems: A Basic Guide to Troubleshooting, Repair and Improvement” by Bill and Jan Moeller, the paperback of which sells at Barnes & Noble for $22.94.  My book is 2 inches taller and 1 inch wider, and my book has 412 pages, compared to the Moeller’s book 265 pages. If my book were priced the same as the Moeller’s, adjusted for the height-width-page-number ratio (2.15), my book would retail for about $49.40.  I sell it for $48.  But my book has something that many don’t (including the Moeller’s).  Although most of my book is in black and white, 60 of the pages have color printing on them (which drives printing costs up).  This makes my book very competitively priced.

NOTE:  There should be a photo of the book's cover with a "buy now" link below.  Some web browsers malfunction and don't have the "buy" link.  To buy, try accessing this site on a smart phone or a public computer at a public library.  If you still have problems, use this site's contact page to email me.